What makes us unique

Champions Cup Red Carpet

The Champions Cup is more than a competition, it’s an experience!

The Champions Cup Opening Ceremony Day  kicks-off the with musical performance by Julian Samuels and other musical guest at the All-Champions Party and Uniform Fashion Show with DJ TRILLA, promoting camaraderie and community among the athletes while being celebrated by the people of Indianapolis.  After the party and fashion Show, athletes are encouraged to participate in Rise of the Champions, a humanitarian event benefiting the city of Indianapolis continuing the spirit of the event by all working together as one big group for a common goal.

The Champions Cup Cheer and Dance State Nationals competition itself promotes camaraderie, bringing  athletes together from different organizations  (schools, gyms and communities) to compete as teams representing their state.  This format will offer a feeling of pride and accomplishment like none of these athletes have ever felt before!

Beyond the competition, The Champions Cup offers athletes a one-day recruitment workshop where they will gain valuable  skills, techniques and insights on how to secure a future as a college or professional athlete.  They will be instructed by the best collegiate athletes, coaches and professionals in the Cheer and Dance industries today.

All of these unique qualities put together good ole fashioned competition will make The Champions Cup AN EXPERIENCE TO NEVER FORGET!!!