Uniforms & Sizing Charts

The Champions Cup will be providing the Cheer uniforms for the 2019 Champions Cup Cheer and Dance State Nationals.  Fashion will be noted in each of the completely custom uniform design for each state.  Here are some cheer samples to check out!  More designs will be added frequently so check back for additional images and updates.

*Please note that the uniforms below are only concepts for Cheer and may be altered.


IMG_8694editEach Gym and or Parent will be responsible for sending in the correct measurements that corresponds with the chart below. Please see the sizes below on the charts and find your size for tops and bottoms in size only. These uniforms should be very close to the sizes below.  Please click on The Champions Cup Sizing Chart below to see full measurements.

The Champions Cup Sizing Chart – Coming Soon

To send in sizes for your team or individual please click on the order form  “cc Uniform Size Chart” link below. Download, Fill out, Scan and email back to: TheCup@pcbrands.net

cc_uniform size chart

 ChampionCup-Indiana  ChampionCup-Illiniois
 ChampionCup-Florida  ChampionCup-California
 ChampionCup-Hawaii  ChampionCup-Louisiana
 ChampionCup-Maryland  ChampionCup-Kansas
 ChampionCup-Kentucky  ChampionCup-Mississippi
 ChampionCup-NewMexico  ChampionCup-NewHampshire
 ChampionCup-Alabama  ChampionCup-Missouri
 ChampionCup-Michigan  ChampionCup-Maine
 ChampionCup-Massachusetts  ChampionCup-Minnesota
 ChampionCup-NorthDakota  ChampionCup-Arizona
 ChampionCup-Arkansas  ChampionCup-Alaska
 ChampionCup-Connecticut  ChampionCup-Colorado
 ChampionCup-Delaware  ChampionCup-Idaho
 ChampionCup-Iowa  ChampionCup-Wyoming
 ChampionCup-WestVirginia  ChampionCup-Washiongton
 ChampionCup-Wisconsin  ChampionCup-Utah
 ChampionCup-Texas  ChampionCup-Tennessee
 ChampionCup-SouthDakota  ChampionCup-SouthCarolina
 ChampionCup-Pennsylvania  ChampionCup-Oregon
 ChampionCup-Oklahoma  ChampionCup-Ohio
 ChampionCup-Nevada  ChampionCup-Virginia