Our Vision

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With a cheer career spanning over 37 years, Founder, Patrick Cowherd, knows competition is the driving force behind any strong athlete.  He understands competition inspires a strong work ethic, confidence and self motivation.  As a coach, Patrick relies on competitive events to help his teams grow stronger and more self-assured as athletes while also strengthening them as individuals.  However, sometimes these virtues can get lost in the shuffle for the need to win and achieving notoriety.

The Champions Cup Cheer and Dance State Nationals was created by Patrick’s vision to blend a fierce and competitive environment with a rich and rewarding character-building experience.  The Olympic-style format is designed to promote camaraderie among athletes in each state, resulting in a renewed sense of spirit throughout the nation.  Adding outreach programs, special athlete recognition, growth workshops and other self-building events to the entire experience will only prove to strengthen each individual athlete as they all naturally come together for a completely one-of-a-kind experience they will never forget.

The Champions Cup Cheer and Dance State Nationals will be the most unique and rewarding event in the cheerleading, dance, power tumbling arena today.