Individual Cheer Competition

Individual Cheerleader  Competition Rules and Requirements

Cheer indvidual

There will be Three divisions offered:

  • Mini  (5-8 years)
  • Youth (9-11 years)
  • Junior (12-14 years)
  • Senior (15-18 years)
  • Open 19 and older (Please note that in a duet/Trio you can be any age)
  1. All individuals are eligible regardless of whether or not they are competing on a state team
  2. Ninety seconds is the maximum time allowed to perform a Individual, Duet and Trio cheer routine.
  3. Timing will begin with the first word, movement, or note of music occurring after each athlete is announced and has taken his or her opening position on the floor.
  4. Entrances and exits will NOT be timed or judged, and should not be choreographed. Music may be used for any or all of the 90 sec.*Individual divisions are separated for scholastic/recreation cheerleaders and all star cheerleaders. (Please refer the team divisions for more specific information defining scholastic, recreation and all stars.) All individual cheerleader routines may not exceed 1:30 minutes. Amount of music is not dictated by The Champions Cup Cheer and Dance State Nationals however, voice will most likely be an area considered when scoring the “Crowdleading” category for  individuals in the scholastic division.
    Youth Cheerleader
    5th – 6th grade
    Youth All Star Cheerleader
    Ages 9-11 years old
    USASF Level 1-5
    Junior Cheerleader
    7th – 9th grade
    Junior All Star Cheerleader
    Ages 12-14 years old
    USASF Level 1-5
    Senior Cheerleader
    10th – 12th grade
    Senior All Star Cheerleader
    Ages 15-18 years
    USASF Level 1-5
    *Open All Star Cheerleader
    HS Graduate & older
    USASF Level 1-5

    NOTE: The Champions Cup Cheer and Dance State Nationals reserves the right to sub-divide, combine, delete or add divisions based on registration.


  • $50  Cheerleader Individual
  • $75  Cheerleader Duet
  • $100 Cheerleader Trio
  • To Register for this event please send an email to: