Do I have to be on a team to compete in Individuals or speciality divisions ?

NO, athletes Do not have to be on a team to participate in THE CUP Individuals etc, but they DO have to be on a team to participate in Team Competition.


How many teams will there be in each State?

Every State can have upward to Ten (10) or more teams per division and level but only one will move onto The Cup Finals on day two. The other teams will also compete on day two in the Challenge Cup Round.



If you do not see your State represented or a Regional Qualifier nearby you, please reach out to The Champions Cup and  contact us at thecup@pcbrands.net and we can help you find a solution.  We would be more than happy to bring an event to your area!!  We are adding qualifying events every day, so please make sure to keep checking back here regularly!


Is The Champions Cup Cheer and Dance State Nationals an “Open” event? YES, All Stars, Dance, Special Athletes, Individual Cheerleaders, Stunt Groups and Collegiate teams,  School, AAU and Recreation teams are not required to qualify  however teams can receive discounted bids at a partnering Event Producers event or by video qualification. Defending champions receive an automatic defending champion invitation to defend their title. Special non-sanctioned competitions and videos invites are also available. For more information on qualification and invitation events, contact Patrick Cowherd at 317-703-7895.



How do we make the coolest, most unique event in the cheerleading world happen?!  When you bring everyone together- ITS EASY!!

The first step to creating The Champions Cup Cheer and Dance State Nationals is for us to host affordable regional events that will give us the opportunity to invite the finest cheer and dance teams  in the nation to represent their state and provide the best, most up-to-date facilities for the teams compete in. So we partnered with Independent Event Producers to make this happen.

We then start the registration process for all Cheer and Dance Athletes.  Registration will formally begin in just a few short months for our regional qualifiers and partnering events, with finally registrations starting for THE CUP and continue through the 2017-2018 competition season. 50% registration payment should be made 30 days after accepting the invitation/bid to attend with final installment due on or before January 10th.  Costs include participation fee and coaches credentials.  Registration will close and FINAL payment is due on January 10, 2019.

Once state teams begin to fill selected division slots, they  may then make a reservation at any of the local hotel in the area. Although we are NOT a “Stay To Play (STP) we are working with host hotels who can help you book your hotels if needed.  We will begin to post those any specific hotels rates through out the season so make sure you keep checking back.

The Champions Cup officials will then finalize each State Team invitation acceptance and then send a confirmation email to all gyms and dance studios through out the team selection process.  Each State may have upward of ten (10) or more teams per level and division which include extra small, small, medium and large. It is our utmost goal to fill each and every division and level State Team.

The State Teams can arrive in Florida, as early as Thursday, March (TBD)  however team check-in will not start until March TBD). It will also consist of, picking up uniforms and athlete wear. Then, on Saturday LET THE COMPETITION BEGIN!!!